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100-year-old Brazilian sets world record for longest career in same firm

NEW YORK – Walter Orthmann, who hails from Brazil, achieved Guinness World Records title for the longest career in the same company where he has been working for more than 84 years.

GWR in its blog said that the 100-year-old has been working for the same company for 84 years and 9 days, as verified on 6 January 2022. 

Believing in the power of present, Orthmann started his career at Industrias Renaux S.A, a textile company based in Santa Catarina, as a shipping assistant at the age of fifteen in 1938. 

Filled with a passion to learn new skills, he was promoted to a position in sales shortly after joining the company. Then, he became a successful Sales Manager.

He is in good health, with excellent mental clarity and memory, GWR said. 

Walter broke his own record set in 2019 with 81 years and 85 days.

Courtesy: Daily Pakistan

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