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2 rockets target coalition troops in Iraq, no casualties

Two rockets focused on a base in western Iraq hosting US-led coalition troops on Saturday crashed close to the complex without inflicting casualties or damage, security resources stated.

“Two rockets fell outside the Iraqi base of Ain al-Asad,” a security forces statement said, adding there were no “losses”.

The base, controlled by Iraq, is located in the desert in the western Anbar province and hosts foreign troops from the coalition fighting the Islamic State group.

A coalition official told AFP there was “no impact on the installation reported” and “no coalition personnel injuries reported”.

A previously unknown group calling itself “International Resistance” claimed the attack on a pro-Iran channel of messaging app Telegram.

Rockets and drones frequently target the Ain al-Asad base.

On April 8, the coalition said it shot down an armed drone targeting the facility, reporting no casualties or damage.

Dozens of rocket and armed drone attacks have targeted US troops and interests in Iraq in recent months.

Western officials have blamed hardline pro-Iran factions for the attacks, most of which go unclaimed.

The coalition ended its combat project in Iraq in December, four years after the Baghdad authorities declared victory over the jihadists.

But more or less 2,500 American infantrymen and 1,000 coalition soldiers continue to be deployed in 3 Iraqi-managed bases throughout the united states of America, inclusive of Ain al-Asad, to offer training, recommendation, and help to countrywide forces.

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