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A war surgeon helps doctors in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has made it difficult for doctors to treat injured patients. Part of the issue is getting to the areas being pounded by Russian forces.

But some doctors are helping the war-torn country.

Dr. David Nott is a trauma surgeon. He has not only visited Ukraine but is also training doctors remotely from London.

His assistance on Thursday in Ukraine helped a doctor operate on a man injured in an explosion, the BBC reported. The Ukrainian doctor, identified as Oleksandr, sent Dr Nott a photo of the patient’s shrapnel-wounded leg. He said surgery was required.

“I was quite nervous and it was slowly, step-by-step surgery, but it went well thanks to David Nott,” he told the BBC.

Dr. Nott has worked in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. He said Russia’s attacks caused “horrendous” injuries.

The Russian military uses thermobaric (or vacuum) bombs. They cause barotrauma (pressure changes during an explosion). These weapons’ “blast winds” can cause brain and lung bleeding, burst eardrums, and perforate bowels.

Russian forces have regrouped to try to expand their control over the Donbass. Russian shelling has brought the Ukrainian city of Mariupol to its knees.

On Sunday, Russian forces attempted to storm the Azovstal steel plant, the last remaining Ukrainian stronghold in Mariupol, according to Ukrainian officials.

Russia’s defence ministry said its precision missiles hit nine Ukrainian military targets, including four artillery depots in Kharkiv.

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