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Amber Heard personality disorders

According to a specialist in intimate partner violence asked to testify in Johnny Depp’s defamation case against Amber Heard, her examination of the actor showed two mental diagnoses: borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder.

Shannon Curry, Depp’s witness, said in court on Tuesday that the diagnosis was based on an analysis of Heard’s past psychological evaluations, direct examination on two occasions, and participation in a Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) test.

Heard, 36, had a “reactive,” “overly theatrical presentation,” according to Curry, who used adjectives like “amazing” and “beautiful” to characterise events. She claimed that what she heard flitted between “princess and victim.”

Curry observed that, as intelligent, “cute, and girlish” as such individuals appear, they “may in reality be quite damaging,” “dramatic, volatile, and unpredictable,” and possessing a “underlying need to not be abandoned but also to be the focus of attention.”

Borderline personality disorder, according to Curry, is characterised by an unstable personality that is sensitive to rejection, has limited self-control, and is characterised by “a lot of anger, cruelty toward people less powerful, concern with image, attention seeking, and prone to externalising blame, as well as a lot of suppressed anger that may explode outwards.”

Curry believes that anybody who tries to have an intimate relationship with such a person will go from “idolised to trash.” “Assaultive as partners” was characteristic of borderline individuals, she continued. They’ll use the legal system to scare you, threatening to apply for a restraining order and accusing you of abuse.”

Raquel Pennington, a mixed martial artist and Heard’s acquaintance, was recommended by the doctor. On a shopping excursion, Heard reportedly assaulted Pennington, who lived rent-free in the Depp-Heard five penthouse complex. People with borderline personalities, according to Curry, might quickly depreciate their friends.

The forensic psychiatric examination of Heard was presented during the ninth day of the trial in which Depp is suing his former wife for defamation after she penned an essay presenting herself as a survivor of domestic violence during their marriage. Heard allegedly mistreated Depp, who is 58 years old.

As each side seeks to persuade the jury of the possibility of their version of events, the court has been presented with witnesses’ recollections of the couple’s disagreements and examined for their observations of the relational dynamics that underpin them.

Tara Roberts, the manager of Depp’s home on an island in the Bahamas’ Exuma chain, testified earlier on Tuesday that she heard a fight between the pair during which “Amber was telling him he was a washed-up star going to die a fat, lonely old man.”

Heard was seen “hugging and kissing” Depp as his wife “begged him to return” moments later as Depp sought to depart. Depp “stood there with his arms by his side,” according to Roberts. He didn’t take any action.”

The housekeeper denied ever seeing Depp “passed out intoxicated,” but said he had fallen out of a hammock and was discovered sleeping beneath it. She arranged for Heard and Depp, as well as Depp’s children from his marriage to Vanessa Paradis, Lily Rose and Jack, to depart the island after that event, according to Roberts.

Jurors heard from a variety of medical and mental health specialists during the trial.

Heard has claimed that she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of Depp’s alleged mistreatment. Curry, on the other hand, asserted on Tuesday afternoon that PTSD is one of the easiest psychiatric diseases to create.

On Tuesday, Los Angeles police officer Melissa Saenz testified about visiting the Los Angeles penthouse in May 2016, only days before Heard filed for divorce and showed up in court with a huge mark on her face that she claims resulted from a fight with Depp that night.

Officer Saenz said in a taped deposition that she could saw Heard sobbing but couldn’t detect any signs of an injury. Saenz’s testimony, according to Depp’s attorneys, proves that Heard lied about her injuries in order to harm Depp’s image.

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