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Angry US police detain black 8-year-old over stolen chips

New York: A video showing authorities arresting a young black boy for allegedly stealing a bag of chips has stirred an uproar in New York.

The boy cries as a white Syracuse police officer marches him into a patrol cruiser with his hands behind his back.

Watch the video below:

“What ya’ll doing?” he asks the man recording. The policeman carrying the youngster responds by saying, “Guess! Take a guess at what I’m doing! “

The man filming accuses the cops of treating the boy like a “cold-blooded criminal” and offers to pay for the food.

The boy, who was ultimately released without trial, was just eight years old.

Governor Kathy Hochul called the video “heart wrenching.”

Many of us are parents. And you can’t help but imagine the fear in that child as he had to endure that experience, “she told reporters.

Others accused the officers of racism.

In the United States, police brutality against young black men is far more common than against white men.

The police shooting of George Floyd, a black man, in 2020 provoked worldwide demonstrations and calls for reform.

“They’ve been conditioned to a different kind of treatment from policing authorities and others throughout their lives,” Hochul told local media.

The Syracuse Police Department tweeted Tuesday that the incident, including the officers’ behaviour and body-worn cameras, was “the incident.”

“The child suspected of stealing was not handcuffed,” it said.

“He was put in the back of a patrol unit and driven home. No charges were brought against the child’s father, “it claimed.

Enraged by what he perceived to be “racially uneven treatment,” the state’s governor condemned it in February.

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