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Anyone who owns a Pug or a French Bulldog should be cautious

Thousands of badly bred dogs have “faces so flat they can’t breathe,” according to a warning.

The animal welfare organisation Blue Cross has pledged to put an end to the “horrendously terrible breeding of brachycephalic pets” such French bulldogs, Pugs, and Persian cats. According to the organisation, over-popularization has resulted in a “animal welfare disaster.”

Thousands of pets are ending up in vets needing urgent treatment for serious health issues, according to the leading charity. A rise in influencers and big brands advertising the “cute” breeds has resulted in a rise in demand, according to the leading charity, but thousands of pets are ending up in vets needing urgent treatment for serious health issues.

Becky Thwaites, Head of Public Affairs at Blue Cross, told the ECHO: “We launched our End the Trend campaign which is about focuses on breeds with flat faces. We want to see an end to the over popularisation of breeds used commonly in advertising.

“They are becoming increasingly illegally imported, being bred poorly in the UK and thousands of these animals are needing medical treatment because their faces are so flat they can’t breathe. They are not living happy, healthy lives, their lives are shortened and every breath is a struggle.

“We want to see the law changed to better protect these animals. We want to encourage people to breed brachycephalic breeds with long enough snouts they can live.”

Becky went on to say it is “not about banning the breed or cancelling the breed” it is about improving and educating to give these animals a better quality of life. The petition has already been backed by over 15,000 people across the UK.

Becky added: “Something about flat faces that people think is cute, they have got a baby like look. It’s a breed that 10 years ago you wouldn’t see as regularly as you do now and they are smaller.

“Unfortunately, when something becomes popular you’re always going to get those breeders not prioritising the health of a dog, they are just in it to make a quick buck but their noses are so flat they just can’t breathe.

“These animals are having to have surgery to ensure their airways are wide enough to get a breath in. We also see issues around their eyes, they don’t have proper eye lids so they can’t clean them properly or blink properly. Some breeds can’t give birth naturally, there are tons of different health issues.”

Thousands of dogs are being admitted to hospitals and treated as a result of the manner they were bred, according to Becky. She advises anyone interested in getting a brachycephalic breed to do so “think carefully.”

She said: “Unfortunately, our campaign shows some owners don’t understand the health implications, they don’t recognise the signs and the issues get so bad before they seek healthcare. It’s not about being judgemental, it’s about making people more aware so they can seek that care.

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