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Apple accepts iOS 15.4 causing battery drainage

  • Apple admitted that the new update iOS 15.4 will cause battery drainage.
  • The apps and features take time to adjust to new update.
  • Tech giant requests users to wait for 48 hours.

Apple has admitted that upgrading your iPhone to iOS 15.4 can affect your phone’s battery life, Tech Radar reported.

Many users have been complaining about their draining batteries since they updated their iPhones to iOS 15.4.

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Replying to a tweet, Apple said that the applications and features on the phone require time to adjust to the new update. 

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They said that it would take 48 hours. Therefore, Apple recommends waiting a few days after installing the update.

One may also restart their phone once the waiting period is over.

Apple has offered customers the chance to reach out for further help by directly messaging them if the issue is not resolved.

Courtesy : GeoNews

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