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Apple removes Holy Quran application in China

Recently, Apple deleted one of the most used Holy Quran applications in China. The app ‘Quran Majeed’ had 35 million users and around 150k reviews on the App Store.

However, Chinese government has not made a comment on the recent news as of yet.

China, already known for human rights violations and genocides against Uyghur Muslims, accused the application of having illegal content.

Furthermore, it is also widely known that China comes under Apple’s leading markets, and that most of the company’s manufacturing equipment is supplied by the country.

Previously in 2017, CEO Apple Tim Cook raised his voice against Donald Trump for banning Muslim majority countries, whereas, currently he is under criticism for his hypocrisy on his recent move regarding app removal and staying quite over China’s treatment of Muslim minorities.

Furthermore, Quran Majeed is not the only religious app that has been removed by Apple; Olive Tree’s Bible App too was taken down earlier this week by the multi-national tech company.

courtesy: bolnews.com

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