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Arab Parliament, Saudi Arabia strongly condemn Quran burning incident in Sweden

JEDDAH – Saudi Arabia and Arab Parliament have condemned an incident of Islamophobia in Sweden where some extremists burned the Muslim holy book, the Quran.

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed the importance of concerted efforts to spread the values of dialogue, tolerance, coexistence, renounce hatred, extremism, and exclusion, and prevent abuse of all religions and holy sites.

Meanwhile, the Arab Parliament, in a statement, stressed its utmost rejection to use the motto of freedom of expression for abusing Islam and the sanctities of Islam, stressing that these abuses contradict with all values and principles of religion and basic human rights.

In a statement, the Arab Parliament also called for enacting international laws that criminalize those who incite on hate, discrimination and anti-Islam, stressing that abusing Islam and religious beliefs in general only serves agendas of extremists who refuse others and coexistence.

The parliament also highlighted the importance of joining international efforts to spread the values of dialogue, tolerance and coexistence, and to discard hate, violence and extremism, in addition to banning abuse to all religions and sanctities.

More than a dozen individuals were hospitalised with injuries after the incident triggered clashes and similar unrest in southern Sweden.

Reports in the international media suggest that violent clashes were triggered by the anti-immigration and anti-Islam group Hard Line, led by anti-Muslim politician Rasmus Paludan in the Scandinavian nation

Leader of the Stram Kurs says he has burnt Islam’s holiest book and wants to do so again. His announcement triggered Muslims as he was showing disrespect towards Quran despite being aware that it is considered deeply offensive and has repercussions around the globe.

Courtesy: Daily Pakistan

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