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Bill Gates in self-isolation after contracting coronavirus

WASHINGTON – Microsoft founder and American business magnate Bill Gates has tested positive for novel Covid-19 and is experiencing mild symptoms.

Taking it to Twitter, Gates wrote “I’ve tested positive for COVID. I’m experiencing mild symptoms and am following the experts’ advice by isolating until I’m healthy again”.

Gates, a vaccine advocate, said he is following the experts’ advice by isolating until recovering from the virus, adding he’s fortunate to be vaccinated and boosted.

The health charity organization of tech pioneer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, had promised a $150 million to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) to fund its COVID-19 pandemic response.

In total, the Gates Foundation has committed at least $1.75 billion to support the global response against the novel virus.

The top philanthropist has been the subject of many conspiracies including the origin of the virus, with many claiming that he created pandemic to try to control the masses.

Last week, Microsoft founder also made headlines when he claimed that the world might not have seen the worst of the Covid pandemic, predicting the deadlier variant of the virus to surface in years to come.

In the year 2015, he warned of the global threats posed by viruses, claiming the world was not ready for the next epidemic.

Courtesy: Daily Pakistan

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