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Blast at Russian military base

MOSCOW: An explosion occurred as ammunition was being unloaded at a military facility in Russia’s Far East, killing one person and injuring numerous others, according to Russian news agency TASS on Thursday.

In Russia, accidents at armament depots are rather regular, owing to inadequate safety regulations and the massive amounts of obsolete munitions still in storage.

“As a result of an explosion of gunpowder during the unloading of ammunition, seven people were injured. They received minor wounds. Another person died, “TASS state news agency quoted an emergency services source as saying that the victim was a serviceman.

According to the same source, a fire broke out following the detonation, and attempts were ongoing to put it out.

Two of the injured were hospitalised with serious burns, according to the local health ministry.

According to early information, the event might have been caused by reckless handling of explosives, TASS said.

Courtesy Bol News

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