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BOL Entertainment launches Pakistan’s biggest Ramazan transmission OST ‘Ramzan mein BOL’

The most anticipated show “Ramzan Mein BOL” launches its biggest OST of Ramzan. The special OST of the Ramzan Transmission which is going to be aired on the “BOL Channel” is making headlines because of the recent OST and the show will be hosted by a popular actor and host, Faysal Quraishi.

BOL Entertainment “Ramazan Mein BOL” will be a special transmission for the audience with millions of cash prizes and gifts. The transmission will include various topics highlighting the teachings of Islam, Naat Sharif, Quizzes and Debate competitions, and many more.

This Ramazan Transmission will be brought to the fore where gatherings of knowledge and wisdom will be held, and every corner of the mind will be illuminated with Islamic teachings.

BOL Entertainment’s Ramazan Transmission includes different segments such as Quiz, Debate, Naat Competitions, Game Shows, Roza Kushai, Naat Khawani, and many more. This transmission will let the viewers learn more about Islam and will enable them to test their knowledge of the religion.

Different people from their homes can also participate and win millions of prizes and gifts, and this transmission will help enlighten the watchers with Islamic teachings and knowledge.

The transmission will air from the 1st Ramazan and will be hosted by popular actor and host, Faysal Quraishi.

So stay tuned and don’t miss out Pakistan’s biggest Ramazan Transmission of the year only on BOL Entertainment.

Courtesy Bol News

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