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Boxer Amir Khan robbed at gunpoint while with wife in London 

LONDON – British-Pakistan boxer Amir Khan was robbed of an expensive wrist watch at gunpoint in a town of east London.

The renowned boxer took to Twitter to share his ordeal, saying: “Just had my watch taken off me at gun point in East London, Leyton”. 

Khan said that two men intercepted him when he was crossing a road along with his wife Faryal Makhdoom. The robbers pointed gun in his face and asked for the watch. 

“I crossed the road with Faryal, luckily she was few steps behind me. 2 men ran to me, he asked for my watch whist having a gun pointed in my face. The main thing is we’re both safe,” the former boxing world champion wrote. 

The value of the watch is reportedly 20 million in Pakistani rupees. 

Courtesy: Daily Pakistan

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