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Brand Management Course

Brand Management Course

Categories: Accounting And Marketing

Brand Management Course

What Is brand management

In marketing, brand management begins with an analysis on how a brand is currently perceived in the market, proceeds to planning how the brand should be perceived if it is to achieve its objectives and continues with ensuring that the brand is perceived as planned and secures its objectives. Developing a good relationship with target markets is essential for brand management.

Introduction to the Course Contents

  • What is Brand?
  • Brand vs Product
  • Five Levels of Meaning for a Product
  • Can everything be branded?
  • The Brand Equity Concept
  • Strategic Brand Management Process

Customer-based brand equity

  • Brand Equity as a “Bridge”
  • Making a Brand Strong:
  • Brand Knowledge
  • Sources of Brand Equity
  • Brand Awareness Advantages
  • Establishing Brand Awareness
  • Creating a Positive Brand Image
  • Brand Building Implications
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Relationship of Customer Equity to Brand Equity

  • Brand Positioning
  • Target Market
  • Criteria for Segmentation
  • Nature of Competition
  • Attribute and Benefit Trade-offs
  • Core Brand Values

Course Curriculum:

  • Pursue a Verified Certificate to highlight the knowledge and skills you gain

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