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Breaking News: Dua Zehra Video Message

A very important development is seen in the case of missing girl Dua Zehra. A video statement of Dua Zehra has been released by news channels in which she said that she is happily married to Zaheer Ahmed.

Dua said that she got married with her consent and left her home on her will. Dua said that she didn’t take any thing like cash or gold from her home. She also said that she’s eighteen years old and is mature enough to take the decisions of her life. She said that her parents are telling her wrong age. Dua also said that her parents were forcefully fixing her marriage with someone else.

Dua also said that her parents used to beat her up and that is why she left the home. She says that she has done court marriage and she’s happy. Here is the video link.

Courtesy: reviewit

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