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Careem Takes the War to Indian Food Delivery Service Zomato

Pakistan and India are two nations that almost always seem to be in conflict with one another. While this rivalry takes serious turns sometimes, one good thing that we are blessed with during this riot is the fine quality meme content both nations enjoy simultaneously.

It comes as no surprise that the Pakistan Vs India match is something that sparks a frenzy among the citizens of both countries on a different level. It is that one day everybody stays glued to their TV screens, forgetting everything, not daring to blink their eyes, lest they should miss a perfect catch.

Yesterday’s T20 World Cup match between Pakistan and India was also the most anticipated one. Obviously, everyone was talking about it; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, news channels, offices, your neighborhood auntie Shakeela, you name it!

Not letting go of this great opportunity, many brands molded their social media campaigns around the most trending topic of the weekend.

Jumping on the bandwagon was the Indian food delivery company, Zomato, which attempted to troll the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) ahead of the match.

Using the phrases from Momin Saqib’s two-year-old viral video, Zomato took a dig at the Pakistani cricket team.

For those of you who might’ve forgotten that video which went viral on an international level after Pakistan lost its World Cup match to India back in 2019, here it is:

Retorting with a very witty comeback, Pakistan’s most beloved super app, Careem, took it to Twitter to remind Zomato of one of India’s most trending memes.

The fantastic tea phrase became popular in 2019 after an interrogation video of the captured Indian wing commander Abhinandhan praising a Pakistani major for the tea offered to him went viral.

But that was not all for Zomato, as Careem hit them back with one meme after another once Pakistan inflicted an astounding, unbelievable 10-wicket win upon overconfident India.

These quirky little jabs by Careem were funny enough to remind Zomato of how Pakistan mopped the floor with the Indian cricket team last night.

All fun aside, this witty social media banter is what makes these events all the more exciting, and invokes a patriotic spirit among the whole nation amid all the chaos.

courtesy: propakistani

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