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Chairperson BOL Ayesha Shaikh pledge to make Pakistan Strong, Great & Prosperous on Pakistan Day

Chairperson BOL Media Group, Ayesha Shaikh has said to launch a movement for the betterment of Pakistan and make it strong, great & prosperous.

Honoring the founding fathers of Pakistan, Ayesha tweeted

March 23 is the day to pay homage to the founding fathers of Pakistan. This day marks the launch of the Pakistan Movement in earnest which led to the division of India and creation of Pakistan. This March 23, let’s pledge to launch another movement… the movement to make Pakistan strong, great & prosperous. Pakistan Zindabad!

The people celebrate this historic day on Wednesday with a commitment to transform Pakistan into a true Islamic and welfare state in line with the vision of its founder Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

In 1940, on this day, the historic Lahore Resolution was adopted that provided a framework for realization of the goal of a separate homeland for the Muslims of Sub-continent, where they could establish and practice their lives in accordance with their values and traditions especially justice, equality, and freedom.

Today, therefore, is an occasion of paying homage to the founding fathers for their struggle and sacrifices and vowing once more to make Pakistan strong, great and prosperous.

Courtesy Bol News

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