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Cisco terminates employee urging TikTok followers to report strippers

Ethan Keiser, a TikTok influencer working at Cisco has reportedly been terminated from his job, according to the company.

The TikTok user had been allegedly encouraging his vast fan following to report strippers to IRS so as to make large sums of money. Keiser previously raised $60,000 by snitching on certain exotic dancers showing their earnings at TikTok, and so he constantly encouraged his 840K followers to follow the suite.

“I’m trying to protect 1099 workers who get pre-taxed money from getting audited”, Keiser says candidly, following his move. According to IRS, those who report non-tax payers will receive 30% of the amount from the income seized.

Soon after Keiser’s videos were posted, strippers complained to Rolling Stone about him for turning their lives into hell as his followers began harassing them on their videos. The author of the magazine’s article instantly reached out to Cisco for its comment on its employee’s activities. Keiser says he knew strict action would be taken against him considering the nature of the company. He further told that he was called in by the management of the company and asked to take a 3-week administrative leave, soon after which he received the news regarding his termination.

Keiser later objected on not receiving a severance package, and threatened its company that he would file an unfair dismissal lawsuit against it. He also added that his videos were never directed at any particular group, and people took his message the wrong way.

courtesy: bolnews.com

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