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Clashes break out in Sweden over Quran burning

STOCKHOLM – Law enforcement agencies in Sweden have detained scores of protesters after weekend clashes triggered by the planned burning of the Holy Quran by an extremist group

Reports in the international media suggest that violent clashes were triggered by the anti-immigration and anti-Islam group Hard Line, led by anti-Muslim politician Rasmus Paludan in the Scandinavian nation 

Leader of the Stram Kurs says he has burnt Islam’s holiest book and wants to do so again. His announcement triggered Muslims as he was showing disrespect towards Quran despite being aware that it is considered deeply offensive and has repercussions around the globe.

More than a dozen individuals were hospitalised with injuries amid the clashes and similar unrest in southern Sweden, where the far-right group also abandoned a protest.

Meanwhile, Sweden’s police chief told an international news outlet that he had never seen such violent riots following Sunday’s clashes.

The recent incident occurred after an anti-Muslim politician announced holding a rally. He however never showed up after the fiery declaration.

Protests against the Swedish far-right group burning Islam’s holiest book are not the new. Earlier in 2020, protesters torched cars and shops in clashes in Malmö.

The anti-Muslim politician represented Stram Kurs party in the last Danish elections, where the party received less than 2 percent of the vote. In 2020, Paludan was jailed in Denmark for a month for a string of offenses including racism.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Iran, Iraq and other Islamic countries have strongly condemned the incident. Tehran and Baghdad also summoned the Swedish ambassadors to lodge protests.

Courtesy: Daily Pakistan

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