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Cold Coffee With Coffee Jelly Recipe

Cold Coffee With Coffee Jelly

Cold Coffee With Coffee Jelly Recipe


Prepare Coffee jelly:
⦁ Water 500 ml -Instant coffee 2 tbs

⦁ Sugar ½ Cup

⦁ Agar agar powder 1 & ½ tbs (10g)

Prepare Cold Coffee:
⦁ Pakola Full Cream Milk
(chilled) 1 litre

⦁ Condensed milk ¾ Cup

⦁ Sugar 2 tbs or to taste

⦁ Hot water ½ Cup

⦁ Instant coffee 2-3 tbs


Prepare Coffee Jelly:

⦁ In a kettle,add water,instant coffee,sugar,agar agar powder & whisk well until dissolved.

⦁ Place kettle on stove,bring it to boil then transfer to a flat square or rectangular dish.

⦁ Let it cool and refrigerate until set (30 minutes).

⦁ Cut into small cubes & set aside.
Prepare Cold Coffee:
⦁ In a jug,add milk,condensed milk,sugar & whisk well.
⦁ In hot water,add instant coffee and whisk well.

⦁ -Now add dissolved coffee in milk and whisk well.

⦁ In serving glass,add prepared coffee jelly,prepared cold coffee,stir & serve

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