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Comedian: Johny Lever tries wasabi for the first time

The 64-year-old comedian tries, for the first time, the Japanese paste wasabi in a Mumbai eatery. His response got internet users laughing out loud, and it rapidly went viral. While we don’t see much of Johny Lever, Bollywood’s comedy king, on-screen these days, he keeps his fans entertained by posting funny videos of himself on Instagram.

In his most recent video, Johny Lever is seen dining with his family at Mumbai’s Crisol restaurant. His family decided to videotape the moment they forced him to try wasabi for the first time. He then uses his fork to try a small amount of wasabi on his dish.

The intense wasabi flavour hits him very immediately, and he appears to be aware of the spice. After that, someone tells him it’s called wasabi, and he nods, still reeling from the taste test.

Read the caption of the post, “Wasabi chakh kar fresh hogaya,” 447K people liked the post.

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