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Daraz Extending Its Business Solutions To Growing Brands

Before the pandemic, the retail industry was already heading towards a more direct-to-customer approach. The changing dynamics of the pandemic fast-tracked the adaptability to digitalization. Customers who preferred in-person shopping moved to “Omni-Channel Retail” i.e. online and mobile buying options from businesses.

Pakistani e-Commerce market contributed to the worldwide growth rate by 29% in 2020 with an increase of 90%. The rise in digital commerce has been matched by greater sophistication in the region’s digital ecosystem. Amidst the global crisis, e-Commerce is fast becoming the go-to model for keeping retail businesses afloat.

To fuel future growth, brands reap the benefits of online shopping platforms for sustainability. Shifting towards e-Commerce, brands are forced to review their existing strategies. The move to online-only consumer experience has impacted the brick-and-mortar models in the changing retail landscape all around the world.

The success of this had been slow for some brands whose customers have embraced online shopping slowly.

Backed by Alibaba, Daraz – Pakistan’s largest e-Commerce platform – has a monthly active user base of 15 Million+. Bringing the latest technology in Pakistan’s ecosystem, Daraz has established an infrastructure for its sellers and brands to sell independently on the platform.

From providing logistic support to seller education via Daraz University, the e-Commerce platform has given access to more than 15 million people.

To help brands grow in the changing landscape of e-Commerce, Daraz has introduced the Daraz Brands Services for DarazMall brands. The idea of Daraz Brand Services is to provide business solutions in the area of customer services solutions, seller service solutions, and campaigns & promotions to the brands who are onboarded at Daraz.

Daraz Brand Services specializes in the knowledge of the platform. The business solution model consists of an internal team having access to all Daraz’s dashboards. To provide immediate support from Daraz’s trained resources, Daraz Brand Services comes with a 9-9 online support.

These solutions expertise is based on the accelerated growth of the brands on the e-Commerce platform. With the changing landscape of the retail industry, business solutions such as Daraz Brands Services will accelerate growth for the e-Commerce marketplace.

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