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Driving Innovation through Empowered Tech Talent

Businesses today are fortunate to be operating in an era that is characterized by a rapidly evolving technological landscape. We had barely indulged ourselves in the glory of digitization when the fourth industrial revolution graced us with applications of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Augmented Reality. With our hands full with such powerful tools, it was only natural that we adopted a tech-focused approach. Perhaps, to an extent that it led us to devaluing our human capital.

However, most successful businesses and brands have time and again reminded us that a driving human force is crucial for the convergence of technology into desirable outcomes. It is important to acknowledge that all these tools of innovation are designed to work with an underlying assumption of the presence of a catalyzing human workforce. So, while we worry about our machines getting obsolete, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that the skill set of our workforce might require an upgrade too.

A fresh young breed of talent is always a good disruption to the mundanity we create in our processes unknowingly. It is especially essential in the field of technology because someone coming in with a fresh perspective has a greater likelihood of not only coming up with innovative solutions but also identifying problems that are inherent in the traditional way of doing things.

The fact that our country has an abundance of talent in every field is not unknown. Even during the current scenario when the global economy is affected, Pakistani startups have collectively received funding worth US$120 million in the first half of 2021 alone. Most of these startups are driven by young tech talent. Furthermore, there is a marked uptake in digital spaces opening up other than fintech, i.e. edtech, regtech, medtech, and others. The overall scenario presents a strong case for tech talent being part of all sorts of businesses.

This is a realization that we at Easypaisa had a long time ago and it has strengthened over time. As we work towards a vision of a cashless future, an ambition driven by tech we are making an effort to strike the right balance between humans and technology. Now more than ever, we are making constant efforts to attract and recruit talent that, regardless of their age and generation, has a progressive approach towards technology and is open to learn, unlearn and relearn continuously to always stay on top of their game.

This year, we have gone even further, and recruited a group of purely tech-focused trainees called “Future Innovators”. For a company that is revolutionizing the financial landscape of a country it comes as a prerequisite to our cultural vision to empower and enable our employees, hence, these Future Innovators have been working autonomously with guidance, but without instructions. Our colleagues are not mere cogs in a machine; in fact, we are all actively working together for a cashless future, each day.

I would not call Easypaisa a force to reckon, but a place to be for all techies, because what we have set out to do will not just impact the country by transforming its financial landscape, but also support the growth of careers. Together, all of us at Easypaisa remain committed to building a digital ecosystem that would benefit all Pakistanis.

Khurram Gul Agha is the Chief Information Officer at Easypaisa / Telenor Microfinance Bank. He has extensive experience in diverse areas including conventional and digital banking, operations, information technology, strategy management, risk management, business analytics, and portfolio management.Advertisement

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