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Dua Zehra not receovered even after 10 days, father shaken

KARACHI: Karachi’s Dua Zehra is still missing even after 10 days of disappearance while the shaken father complains about the immoral behavior of the society.

Dua Zehra Kazmi, 14, went missing outside her home in the Golden Town area of Karachi on April 16.

The police started a hunt for her on the complaint of her father who appeared in a video shared by the JDC’s platform.

As per police officials, all possible efforts were being made to locate the girl saying that they are hopeful that the case will be resolved shortly.

While denying to share further details about the probe, the concerned police officers maintained that it was a case of a missing girl so not every development could be shared with the media.

On the other hand, Dua’s father Mehdi Ali Kazmi said that he had been living in the same rented house for nearly 16 years and no dispute ever occurred between him and the neighbourhood.

He also said that he hadn’t received any ransom call so far.

While complaining of society’s behavior, Ali Kazmi said that he had been disenchanted with the people asking him gratuitous questions that make him more restless.

Dua’s father maintained that word on the street is that the girl has gone herself of her will but that is not the case.

He elucidated that there was no CCTV footage around, no one is the witness to her fleeing, and there is no evidence yet of any abduction.

Despite being dismayed with the situation, Mirza Kazmi is hopeful for the safe and sound return of her daughter.

Courtesy Bol News

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