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Electricity shortfall reaches 5,673 MW: Sources

The nation continues to face recurring power outages across the state as the electricity shortfall in the country has reached 5,673 megawatts (MW).

As per sources privy to the matter, the total power generation in the country stood at 22,253 MW and the demand for electric power remains at 27,926 MW.

The details revealed by the power division sources hold that 5,401 MW of electricity is being generated from water while government thermal plants generate 1,557 MW of electricity.

The total generation of private sector power plants is 12,186 MW and 1,578 MW from wind power plants and 121 from solar plants.

Unannounced and recurring power outages in Karachi have added to the miseries of the already inflation-hit nation.

The capital city residents are also braving up to 4 hours of electricity shortfall daily while in Karachi, the residents have been braving electricity load shedding for up to 14 hours daily.

The unannounced load shedding has continued to pile miseries on people amid scorching weather as the supply of water is also hindered in many areas.

Power cuts have also been reported for nearly 6 hours in exempted areas of Karachi.

Earlier, the government announced market closure by 8:30 pm and curbs on wedding ceremonies amid the reeling effects of the worsening electricity crisis.

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