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Enraged Karachiites attack petrol pump against hike in POL products’ prices

Enraged people attacked the petrol pumps in localities of Karachi city on Thursday against the hike in POL products’ prices and the closure of gas stations.

People came out in the areas of Purani Sabzi Mandi on University Road, hurled stones at the petrol and attacked the pump when it stopped the supply.

The Karachiites also protested on Nagan Chaurangi and suspended the traffic against the increase in petrol and diesel prices.

Meanwhile, citizens in Larkana also protested against the increase.

Earlier, the PML-N-led government has once again ruthlessly made a Rs30 massive increase in prices of Petrol and diesel, raising the rates to Rs 209:86 and Rs204:15 respectively.

This petrol atom bomb has been dropped on already inflation-affected masses of Pakistan by Finance Minister Miftah Islmail, who used to harshly and unreasonably criticize the PTI government on every increase in POL products’ rates.

After the hike, the price of petrol will be at Rs209.86, diesel at Rs204.15, and kerosene oil at Rs181.56

Courtesy Bol News

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