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Facebook Algorithms Promoted Hate Speech Against Muslims: Report

A new set of documents has leaked from Facebook yet again, this time shedding light on its poor practices of mitigating hate speech. These documents show that Facebook has been selective in curbing hate speech, misinformation, and inflammatory posts against Muslims.

According to these documents, Facebook’s own employees doubt the company’s motivation and interests.

The documents were leaked as part of research started as early as March this year and includes company memos that date back to 2019. The internal documents on India show Facebook’s struggles in removing abusive content from its platform. Religious tensions in India have a history of taking it over to Facebook and stoking violence.

The leaked files show that Facebook has been aware of this issue for years, but digital experts and critics say that the company has failed to address them. This is especially true in cases where the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party is involved.

Further, these documents contain a trove of internal reports which show that hate speech and misinformation against Muslims were intensified by Facebook’s own recommended features and algorithms. This also includes the concerns of Facebook employees for mishandling this issue.

This information corroborates the internal documents leaked by Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, who reported that the company was choosing profit over curbing hate speech and violent content.

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