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Father of Dua Zehra denies allegations of domestic violence

KARACHI: Father of Dua Zehra, who went missing a few days back and was recovered yesterday in Lahore, conducted a press conference in Karachi to share his views about the video message by his daughter.

Mirza Kazmi maintained that the recovery of Dua Zehra came as a glad tiding for him as the daughter was missing for past many days.

Whereas, he denied the allegations of domestic violence on the girl and maintained that the actual culprit is the individual who took their daughter away from the family.

While clarifying the matter in regards to Zehra’s age, he claimed that the age of the girl is 13 years and a few months- saying that he can provide evidences in this regard.

Father of Dua Zehra requested the authorities to bring his daughter back to Karachi and to keep in child protection.

He was of the view that the investigation should be neutral keeping the age of the teenager in mind.

Notably, the girl went missing on April 16 and the police started hunt when a video request by her parents popped up on social media.

Initially, the case appeared to be of abduction and as the parents claimed their daughter went missing from the home.

However, yesterday, the case took a shocking turn and it was revealed that the girl tied the knot in Lahore with an individual identified as Tanveer Ahmed.

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