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Fight inflammation and oxidative stress with the help of orange juice, says research

The recent study about effects of orange juice was published in the journal ‘Advances in Nutrition’. The study focuses on its amazing benefits and how it treats brain by reducing stress and cutting down inflammation.

The study further covers that consuming orange juice cuts down many markers of stress and inflammation, including interlukin 6, the one for inflammation. Two more stress markers also helped in treating those issues to some considerable extent, however, failed to reach its statistical significance.

It further elaborated on the potential of orange juice to either fight inflammation 100% or none at all. Vitamin C found in orange extensively, helps lower blood pressure and control stress hormone. Not only this, but also the orange juice beverage known for being rich in antioxidants, does wonders when it comes to chronic inflammation, in both healthy and high risk adults. Reducing the markers of inflammation, the bioactive compound called hesperidin plays an active role doing the job.

courtesy: bolnews.com

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