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First human case of H3N8 of avian flu detected in China

The first human illness with the H3N8 strain of avian flu was reported in China on Tuesday, although the risk of it spreading among people was minimal, according to the country’s health ministry.

After having a fever and other symptoms on April 5, a four-year-old kid from central Henan province was discovered to be infected with the variety.

According to the National Health Commission, no close contacts were infected with the virus.

It was also revealed that the boy had come into touch with hens and crows reared at his house.

The H3N8 strain has previously been found in horses, dogs, birds, and seals across the world, but no human cases have been documented, according to the NHC.

According to the commission, an early evaluation indicated that the variation was not yet capable of infecting people and that the likelihood of a large-scale outbreak was low.

In China, there are many distinct strains of bird flu, and some of them sporadically infect people, generally individuals who work with poultry.

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China’s vast numbers of farmed and wild birds of various types provide an excellent breeding ground for avian viruses to mingle and develop.

People’s surveillance of avian influenza is increasing, which means more illnesses are being detected.

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