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Google improvises its browsing tool for US mobile users

Google’s recent changes in its search engine is expected to help mobile users in US big time. The modernized search feature is to be tested in United States as of now; however, it will be available all across the world very soon, said sources. The change will help users to continue scrolling without switching through search result pages; the set results will automatically load and users won’t have to proceed to the next page to check further.

The new development will be rolled out in US mobile phones including both iOS and Android very soon. However, users in America may face difficulties regarding the new change, as due to the initial testing it won’t work all the time.

The company says people usually find what they are looking for in the first few pages, while those looking for more information tap to proceed to see additional results; the need to browse further led the company to take this step so as to simplify browsing.

courtesy: bolnews.com

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