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Google Will Help You Prepare for Job Interviews

Preparing for job interviews in technical fields can be tricky, but Google is here to help. The search engine giant has recently launched a new feature called Interview Warmup, which, as the name says, will help you prepare for job interviews.

To get started, you simply need to head over to the Grow Google website and click on “Start practicing” once the prompt shows up.

After that, it will give you a list of different job fields to pick from, three of which are related to the IT industry. The 6 fields you can currently practice for are as follows:

  • Data Analytics
  • E-commerce
  • IT support
  • Project Management
  • UX design
  • General (Includes basic questions which you can face in all types of interviews)

Rather than having you type all your answers, it makes you say it as you would in an interview, which is better for practice. Google will automatically transcribe all your spoken answers and give you valuable insights at the end. It will also give you tips on what terms you can include in your answers to sound more capable.

It is worth mentioning that the feature is still in its early stages and could use some improvements in some technical questions, but it’s still a great feature to help you prepare for interviews and should get even better over time.

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