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Govt devised plans for PTI’s long march

ISLAMABAD: The incumbent government has devised plans to come to grips with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) long march.

As per sources privy to the matter, the government has decided to take an aggressive stance against the anti-state movement of PTI.

The details disclosed that PTI has plans to paralyze the state, holding sit-ins and spreading chaos for which the key institutions have suggested the government take preventive measures to scotch PTI.

The sources have also revealed that the institutions would not allow PTI for the long march.

Sources said that the detention of key opposition leaders has also been proposed but the final decision in this regard will be taken in consultation with the federal cabinet and coalition leaders.

Notably, PTI Chairman Imran Khan has announced a long march against the PML-N-led government. However, no final date has been announced so far.

Imran Khan has been urging the nation in the recent public rallies to come out on roads for the struggle for an independent sovereign state.

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