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Govt launches Ehsaas Ration programme to benefit low income families: PM’s aide

PESHAWAR: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Poverty Alleviation and Social Protection Dr Sania Nishtar on Sunday announced that the process of registration of Ehsas Ration Portal Web has commenced and one million people have been registered for the much-promulgated subsidised ration programme.

40 million people have applied so far and an individual of the household can register under the program, a monthly subsidy of Rs. 1000 will be given to each family, Nishtar said while talking to media in Peshawar.

The Special Assistant also visited various grocery stores and briefed the store owners on the Ration Discount Program.

She said that information is being provided to the shopkeepers on how to use the web portal. On the direction of Prime Minister Imran Khan, relief will be provided to 20 million families, including flour, ghee, oil and pulses. The subsidy will be Rs 22 on flour, Rs 105 on ghee and Rs 55 on pulses.

“The entire focus of the government is on solving the problems of the people and providing relief to the poor section of society,” the minister added.

Regarding the modalities of the recently launched Ehsas Ration Program, Dr Sania said that the ministry provides step-by-step guidance to deserving families and grocery traders adding that the survey will identify the beneficiaries.

She went on to say that low-income families will register on the portal with their computerized National Identity Card number and the mobile number issued on it and only one member of the family will be eligible to register on the portal.

Nishtar also warned people to beware of any fake SMS or phone call and appealed to the media to provide maximum information to the public about the website in connection with the ration discount program.

She has said that the whole world is in economic crisis due to Coronavirus and Prime Minister Imran Khan is taking all possible steps to get the people out of economic difficulties adding that ration discount program will help control inflation and solve economic problems.

courtesy: bolnews.com

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