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Hajj Operation 2022 is blooming, says Secretary of Religious Affairs

The Hajj operation 2022 is blooming ahead at a remarkable speed, claims the secretary of Religious Affairs.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has created a record by completing a 6-month-based operation in just a single month.

More than 80% of Hajj pilgrims have already completed their training.

The first plane on the ‘Road to Mecca’ will take off at midnight on June 5 and 6 on the advice of Saudi officials.

The Hajj pilgrims will be notified by a message on their mobile, and a list will be updated on the official website.

The Secretary to the Ministry of Religious Affairs indicated that Hajj Pilgrims will travel via PIA, Airblue, Serene Air, and Saudia Air.

Secretary Aftab Akbar Durrani requested the pilgrims to make sure to attend the training before the pilgrimage.

The Staff of ministry, banks, airlines, and other stakeholders are working according to the timeline to make sure that the Hajj operation gets successful, says the Secretary of Religious Affairs.

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