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Hamza Shahbaz files third petition against delay in oath-taking

  • Earlier this week, LHC had issued orders regarding administration of oath to Hamza Shahbaz
  • However, court’s order has not been implemented.
  • Hamza requests court to appoint a representative who can administer oath to him.

LAHORE: Newly elected Hamza Shahbaz Friday approached the Lahore High Court for the third time against the delay of his oath-taking, which the court had already ruled as “unconstitutional”.

The petition against the Federation of Pakistan and Province of Punjab has been filed under Article 199 and all other enabling provisions of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Law.

In his petition, Hamza said: “The high court had issued orders regarding the administration of the oath; however, the court’s order has not been implemented.”

He mentioned that Punjab Governor Omar Sarfaraz Cheema, once again, refused to comply with the court order, urging the court to appoint a representative who can administer oath to him.

In his petition, Hamza has requested the court to fix a date and time for the oath-taking ceremony along with a representative.

“Actions of those causing delay in administering oath should be declared unconstitutional,” the petition maintained, recalling that the Lahore High Court had directed governor Punjab to administer oath himself or appoint a representative to perform the constitutional duty by April 28.

It, however, mentioned that governor Punjab once again refuted the verdict of the court. Moreover, President Arif Alvi also did not respect the observation of the apex court.

Terming the attitude of the president and governor as “treacherous and insulting”, the petitioner said that the high court should intervene for the fundamental rights of the citizens of the province.

In order to run the province constitutionally, it is therefore important for the court to issue directives.

PTI MPAs to become respondents in case

PTI’s 17 MPAs will become respondents in Hamza Shahbaz’s plea. The petition to become respondents will be filed in the Lahore High Court today.

According to the petition, there is a contradiction in LHC’s verdict on April 22 and April 26. Moreover, they mentioned that the president and governor have constitutional immunity and no order can be passed without listening to the president and governor.

Moreover, the petition highlights that LHC has no authority to appoint a representative for taking the oath. Sources told Geo News that PTI MPAs will ask the court to form a full bench to hear the case.

‘Governor Punjab has no discretion’

Speaking on the occasion, PML-N senior leader Atta Tarar said that the province of Punjab is being operated without a functional government or system, for the last 28-days.

“Former prime minister is taking revenge from the people of Punjab,” he said, mentioning that governor Punjab wrote a letter to President Alvi yesterday questioning the verdict of the Lahore High Court.

“According to the Constitution the oath should be administrated immediately, the governor has no discretion in this regard,” Tarar asserted.

The senior PML-N leader maintained that they [PTI] themselves violate the Constitution and defame the courts which is “shameful”.

He also mentioned that if any incidence occurs then the responsibility will be on the governor of Punjab.

Regarding the third petition filed by Hamza, he said that they [PML-N] is only demanding for the administration of the oath, adding that they are not putting emphasis on the contempt of the court and treason charges.

Courtesy : GeoNews

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