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In June 2015 the United States and Pakistan established an Education, Science and Technology Working Group (ESTWG) under the Bilateral Strategic Dialogue discussed the proposal during the meeting of Prime Minister of Pakistan and President of USA to establish US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor. Both the dignitaries directed their respective governments to intensify their cooperation in this important framework to achieve the ambitious priority targets of developing high-level human capital envisioned in Pakistan’s policy document Vision 2025.

According to the Plan, ten thousand (10,000) Pakistani scholars will join US universities in the next ten years as an effort of the Government of Pakistan to train its faculty resources in identified subject areas.

Phase – 1 of the plan approved by ECNEC on Jan 25, 2017, and revised later in August 2020 envisions to award 1000 Ph.D. scholarships to outstanding Pakistani students in US Universities under the project titled “PhD Scholarships under US – Pak Knowledge Corridor-Phase -1 (Revised)”

The main objectives of the project are:

  1. To significantly increase the number and quality of faculty in Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s).
  2. To enhance the research and academic capacity of the Higher Education Institutions of Pakistan by providing trained manpower who will improve the quality of instruction and innovative research.
  3. To train approximately 1,000 potential applicants annually for university entrance exams such as  GRE and TOEFL/IELTS under the “Talent Farming component” of the project.
  4. The program will develop a collaboration between Pakistani and renowned US institutions to transfer new research techniques focused on Pakistani needs. 


​​​HEC provides opportunities for applicants to pursue PhD studies in Top US Universities under “US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor”.  Interested applicants can apply online through the link:


New User Registration:

To Login please visit https://scholarships.hec.gov.pk/ 
To create profile for first time user, fill in the available form on the link mentioned above.

Click on ‘Register’ for new users and follow the steps stated below:

  1. You will be required to create user ID by using your CNIC (without dashes) as User ID and select your password.
  2. Create an Account and fill the required information available on the screen.
  3. Click and obtain ‘Mobile Code’ on your provided mobile no. for further process. (Currently, MNC / Ported numbers are not supported)
  4. After receiving code on your mobile enter the code.
  5. Enter your email ID and click Send Code. You will receive a code on your provided email.
  6. Please enter a valid email ID.
  7. Perform code verification and click on submission.
  8. You will be registered successfully. Please check your email for further information.
  9. You will be required enter your created ‘User ID’ & ‘Password’ then ‘Sign in’ on HEC portal.
  10. Complete online profile section wise at https://scholarships.hec.gov.pk/ 
  11. Click ‘Scholarships and Grants’ on left ‘Navigation’ and then ‘US-PAK Knowledge Corridor Application’. 
  12. Now follow instructions, fill and submit the form successfully.


  1. All applicants will be required to show commitment to serve in Pakistan after completion of studies
  2. The grant will be offered for a maximum period of 5 years.
  3. HEC attested documents are not required at the time of application submission. Those who are shortlisted will be asked to submit the HEC attested documents later. Applicants are advised to download the filled application form for record purpose.
  4. Misstatement/ misrepresentation of information in the application form can lead to disqualification/ cancellation of the scholarship award at any stage of the program.
  5. Postal address for correspondence


Those who satisfy all the following requirements are eligible to apply:

  • Pakistani/ AJK nationals
  • Minimum 4 years bachelor’s degree (B.S/B.Sc./B. E (16 years formal education))
  • Maximum two 2nd Divisions and no 3rd Division in entire academic career. However, in case of Category – I & II (Admission in top 50 and 300 QS) Scholarship, maximum one 2nd Division in entire academic career is acceptable.
  • Maximum age on the closing date shall not exceed:
  • 40 Years in case of regular faculty members of Public Sector Universities/ Govt Colleges and Researchers of approved/registered R & D Organizations
  • 35 Years in all other cases
  • Must not availing any other Scholarship.
  • Those having Ph.D. Degree are not eligible.


Please fill out the application form according to the following instructions:

  1. Questions must be answered completely and carefully. Please make every effort to limit your responses to the space provided
  2. Before you begin this application, you should make sure that you are aware of all deadline dates and requirements
  3. If you do not hold a valid Pakistani passport, apply for one immediately after initial short listing
  4. All successful candidates will be required to sign a contract /bond with HEC that binds them to return to Pakistan immediately after their program completion in the U.S. and serve the country for the number of year’s specified in the agreement. As long as a person fulfils the service requirement, he or she will pay nothing, otherwise, a grantee will be legally liable for the cost of his or her scholarship program in the U.S. No grantee will be required to pay anything as long as they fulfil their contractual/ bond obligation.


This Scholarship Firstly Appeared at HEC Website.

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