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How to know if you’re blocked on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the world’s most used chat application, which is connecting more than 2 billion customers.

However, the WhatsApp users know this well that it’s bothersome to distinguish between being ignored and being blocked.

However, there are some signs you have been blocked on WhatsApp.

An early suggestion is to test the WhatsApp consumer in last seen.

Open the chat window, beneath their identity, there must be a: “Final seen at 3 pm.” Then send a message if you do not receive any answer from the other side and the message sent has one tick instead of two then this might mean you have been blocked.

However, you also need to understand the WhatsApp setting for the Final Seen, which doesn’t necessarily mean this isn’t proof of being blocked.

WhatsApp blue ticks:

WhatsApp’s blue ticks are a way to reveal whether the message is received or not.

One gray tick means the message has been dispatched, two gray ticks means the message has been acquired and two blue ticks imply the message has been seen learn.

Name the consumer on WhatsApp:

Initiate by determining the user in your contacts and voice name them.

If the choice has gone by, it means you haven’t been blocked.

Whereas if the connection has failed, it may mean the user lacks Wi-Fi or adequate cell information to have the ability to obtain the decision or simply you have been blocked.

The group check:

Start by making a brand new chat group and comprise a few mates in the group.

If you can add them to the group then, you haven’t been blocked.

If you get an error message saying that you don’t have the authorisation so you have been blocked.

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