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How to ‘Recycle’ your plastics the right way

In order to help the environment, recycling plastic is the best way to support the cause.

Instead of throwing all your plastics into the trash, but first, you need to learn which plastics are recyclable and which should be tossed away.

The process of plastic recycling

The process of recycling plastic is a complex method. The containers need to be washed thoroughly to rinse out any food and liquids from the containers before they are put in the bin. If the plastic is not cleaned properly, it can contaminate the entire batch, causing the recycling center to forward the batch to landfills.

How to limit plastic waste?

The main step to prevent plastic waste is to limit your access to non-reusable plastics, like plastic bottles. As an alternative, go for glass or hard plastic bottles that you can fill up and use daily.

  • Use ecological straws as a substitute for plastic straws.
  • Circumvent using plastic utensils but if they can be washed and recycled.
  • Use cloth shopping bags instead of plastic bags.
  • Stop wasting plastic cups and choose glass or ecological plastic cups instead.
  • Always remember that styrofoam isn’t biodegradable and that contains egg cartons, packaging, etc.

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