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‘Humanity still alive’: Forest officers helps injured baby elephant finding its mother

A video of a young elephant being reunited with its mother went viral on social media, making many people emotional. The incident occurred in Tamil Nadu, according to a tweet by Indian forest officer Sudha Ramen, when a forest crew noticed the injured calf. They rescued the animal and returned it to its mother unharmed.

The baby elephant is seen going along with the rescue squad in the 45-second video, which was tweeted with the hashtags #Hope #Happiness.

Ramen wrote while tweeting the clip, “This little calf happily walks to get reunited with its mother guarded with Z+ security of the Tamil Nadu foresters team. Earlier the calf was found alone and injured. TN forest team rescued, treated, and escorts the little one to join with the mother.”

The video has received over 8,000 views since it was published online, with many people praising the forest cops for their good deeds. Some people also commented on how relaxed the baby elephant appeared to be around the forest inspectors.

One of the many comments on the viral video read, “The baby elephant’s trust in forest guards motivates us to believe in the superiority of positivity in the universe.”

courtesy: bolnews.com

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