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Imran Khan officially commenced his march after posting video on Twitter

Imran Khan on his official Twitter account posted a video before leaving for the Wali Interchange from Peshawar.

He could be heard in the video saying, “Right now, I am starting my march from Peshawar. I’ll be reaching out directly at Wali Interchange.  I invite every people from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to reach Wali Interchange.”

He also further added that he will lead this “Haqiqi Azaadi March” with the people of KPK. And in the form of a rally, we all will be on our way to Islamabad.

Khan concludes by saying, “I have affirmed the belief that everyone will come out of their homes because this is a decisive moment in the history of Pakistan., and we will take the real freedom.”

The country is in a catastrophic situation as hundreds of PTI activists have been arrested since the morning. PTI’s “Haqiqi Azaadi March” is officially commenced by this video statement of Imran Khan.

Courtesy Bol News

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