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Imran Khan rejects ‘mafia-captured elections’ in Punjab

The former prime minister Imran Khan on Sunday rejected the election of the Punjab chief minister (CM) which was won by his rival party PML-N.

In a tweet, the ex-premier said, “What happened in Punjab Assembly was condemnable & against all democratic norms & constitutional provisions. No one was in the Chair conducting the supposed elections – a total violation of all norms.”

He also wrote, “We reject this sham mafia-captured “elections”.”

After a chaotic first half of the day, Punjab Assembly (PA) on Saturday elected PML-N leader Hamza Shehbaz as the new CM.

Hamza Shehbaz took 197 votes to become the 21st CM of Punjab, the most populous province of Pakistan.

After scenes of uproar and mayhem in the assembly, the voting process began around 6pm and the session was convened by Deputy Speaker Dost Muhammad Mazari, who was assaulted earlier that day.

PTI and PML-Q boycotted the voting process due to violence in the assembly which made Hamza’s victory obvious.

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