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In a medical breakthrough, woman gets 3D printed ear implant made from own cells

A US-based company, which is implanting bio-printed living tissues, has transplanted a 3D-printed ear in a 20-year-old woman.

Reports in international media suggest that the transplant was carried out on a woman from Mexico who was born with a congenital defect that left her with a misshapen ear.

3DBio Therapeutics, the company behind the breakthrough transplant, took a sample of cartilage cells from Alexa’s ear and grew them in a high-tech laboratory.

The woman cells were later merged with the company’s collagen-based bio-ink, and then the collagen was inserted into a special 3D bioprinter, which formed the material layer by layer and draw a shape akin to the patient’s left ear.

A surgeon then implanted the 3D-printed ear under the patient’s skin. The first of its kind of transplant is said to be a huge advance in the field of tissue engineering as millions of child gets birth with defects due to genetics, infection, or some kind of exposure.

Courtesy: Daily Pakistan

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