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In politics not for gains but to make Pak a welfare state: PM Imran

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Sunday that he joined politics not for any personal gains but to make Pakistan welfare as according to the tenants of the state of Media.

Speaking in an interview with Sheikh Hamza Yousuf, aired on the Pakistan Television, the premier said: “I did not think I was going to make any personal gains […] I came into politics because I thought we should make Pakistan on the principles of the state of Madina.” PM Imran said that during his 22 years of political struggle he was mocked by his opponents all across, but he believed that it is only Allah who gives one honor hence didn’t pay heed to any ridicule.

Success and failure lie in the hands of the Creator, he said. “I had everything. I was already a big name in my country, I had respect and I had enough money. For me to spend 22 years of my life struggling to become a prime minister made no sense.”

The premier expressed his disappointment over the elite capture of the state and said: “If we can lift people out of poverty and break the monopoly of the elite, I always believed the country had great potential.”

“If I had to put my finger on it, the lack of rule of law is the reason we haven’t achieved our full potential. I am convinced that no society can achieve its potential if there is no rule of law,” he said. “There are very few [Nelson] Mandelas, someone who came in for a higher cause.” Talking about Quaid-i-Azam, he said that Jinnah sacrificed himself for a great cause.

“Politicians are looked down upon in the world because they say they are coming to help the people but they only help themselves.”

courtesy: bolnews.com

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