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India aided terrorist activities from Afghan soil; violated UN charter

India has used Afghan soil against Pakistan since 2001, by investing about three billion dollars on infrastructure, training of Afghan forces and other projects to establish a network for its permanent foothold to achieve its overt and covert designs.

According to experts, by sponsoring terrorism against Pakistan from Afghan territory, India violated different Articles of the UN Charter.

After Taliban’s take over in Afghanistan, Indian designs turned into a blunder for the Modi’s government which has always acted as top spoiler in the region.

It has been established that India supported and trained Daesh and TTP elements to use them as proxy tools for its nefarious designs against Pakistan, Afghanistan and the region.

Under the garb of training Afghan forces, India trained Daesh and TTP elements and reportedly around 300 persons were still under training in India.

India planned terrorist activities like Gurdwara attacks, Lahore blast, Gwadar attack to discredit Pakistan and tried to harm Pak-China relations.

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