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Islamabad High Court Dismisses Petition to Stop COVID-19 Vaccination

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has quashed a petition which sought the suspension of the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination requirement imposed by the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC).

According to details, Advocate Shahina Shahab-ud-Din had recently filed the petition against the mandatory Coronavirus vaccination in the IHC. However, a single-member bench of the IHC comprising of Chief Justice of IHC Justice Athar Minallah dismissed the petition on the first hearing on Tuesday.

In its judgment, the IHC noted that the world is grappling to contain the Coronavirus pandemic for the last two years. Pharmaceutical companies across the globe have developed a number of COVID-19 vaccines in an attempt to put an end to the fatal viral infection. Vaccination is the only way out of this life-threatening pandemic.

Scientists and researchers all over the world have vetted the safety and efficacies of these COVID-19 vaccines to prevent humans from falling prey to unsafe vaccines. Moreover, the World Health Organization (WHO) and reputable public health agencies have approved a number of Coronavirus vaccines for use.

Likewise, almost every country in the world has imposed some sort of restrictions in order to ensure the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination of its eligible population.

Sadly, Advocate Shahina neither provided any factual arguments nor any scientific study to the IHC for it to revoke the NCOC’s order of mandatory COVID-19 vaccination, the verdict observed.

Regrettably, the opposition by a few, without any credible scientific basis, has already impeded the relentless endeavors of the State of Pakistan to eradicate the menace of polio.

It added that there is no scientific study or research on record that has claimed that COVID-19 vaccination could expose human beings to harm instead of saving them from contracting the fatal viral disease.

Unvaccinated citizens are only going to hamper the ability of the State to safeguard its citizens from life-threatening harm and in case the Coronavirus pandemic prolongs, the economy of the country will suffer too.

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