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Islamabad Records All-time High Dengue Cases

Islamabad recorded its highest number of dengue hemorrhagic fever cases of the season, in addition to one death, on Friday.

The deceased was a resident of G-7 who had been admitted to Polyclinic Hospital for dengue fever, as reported by the District Health Officer, Dr. Zaeem Zia.

He added that 174 cases were reported in Islamabad over the last twenty-four hours, which is the highest since 15 October when 152 cases were registered. He explained that 110 cases have been reported in rural areas, and 64 in urban areas.

Patients Admitted to Different Hospitals

  1. 47 in the Federal General Hospital
  2. 25 in the PIMS.
  3. 20 in the Holy Family Hospital (HFH)
  4. 3 in Polyclinic
  5. 3 in Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH)
  6. 2 in Capital Hospital and
  7. 1 in the District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital

The remaining patients were admitted to private hospitals.

Areas Where the Cases Were Reported

  1.  39 cases from Tarlai
  2.  22 from Koral
  3. 20 from Alipur
  4. 11 from Tarnol
  5. 5 from Sohan
  6. 4 from Chirrah
  7. 3 from Sihala,
  8. 2 from Bhara Kahu
  9. 2 from Rawat
  10. 1 from Jhangi Syedan
  11. 1 from Kirpa

A total of 2,603 dengue cases have been reported in the current season in Islamabad, of which 1,589 are from rural areas and 1,014 are from urban areas.

Indoor residual spraying and fogging activities were carried out in different areas of the federal capital during the last 24 hours to curb the spread of the disease and destroy the potential breeding places of mosquito larvae, Dr. Zia said.

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