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It’s the Season of Mangoes, Thanks to Pandago

As June starts, so does the peak month for mango consumption in Pakistan. We can’t wait to get our hands on all the different types of mangoes that Pakistan has to offer!

Thanks to the heat that we experience, and the optimum soil conditions the land offers, the mangoes are sweet and delicious and are really one of the most awaited fruits in our nation.

However, this seasonal fruit requires precise and delicate handling and is known to be easily perishable post-harvest. The heat that allows the mangoes their distinct flavor can also contribute to their demise during transportation when transported carelessly.

Thanks to foodpanda’s on-demand delivery service, pandago, mango vendors can rest assured knowing that their produce is in safe hands this season. Pandago offers fleet management for businesses big and small, all over Pakistan.

Currently operating in 40+ cities nationwide, pandago’s competitive edge is found in their vast network of trusted riders, and thanks to the success of their parent company, foodpanda, they offer each organization a dynamic pricing model based on their organization’s size and needs.

Mango vendors suffer significant post-harvest losses due to an abundance of reasons, of which improper storage and distribution conditions contribute to heavy quality losses and impact profitability in the long run.

Businesses that are registering themselves with pandago have the added benefit of taking advantage of foodpanda’s global operating practices and company culture of adherence to standardized best practices which means that mango businesses can expect the best practices to be followed during the delivery of their produce, which in turn reduces post-harvest losses and increases their bottom-lines.

With a fleet of 50,000+ riders, pandago has positioned itself as the bridge between the market gap of excess demand for suppliers and a lack of reliable services to choose from. It offers its customers a wide variety of unique selling points aimed at making the lives of entrepreneurs everywhere easier.

Businesses can choose to send multiple deliveries at one time with pandago and as a bonus, they can track every delivery in real-time, enabling them to provide updates by the minute.

To register themselves with pandago, customers are only required to send in an email at pandago@foodpanda.pk and from there pandago’s highly cooperative and efficient support team takes care of the rest of the onboarding process and caters to your business’s individual needs and requirements.

As one of their USPs, pandago does not ask users for any on-boarding or transaction fees, and is transparent about their charges which means there are no hidden costs or commissions that will come up later on.

Unlike many delivery services, pandago offers rural and urban deliveries which makes it the best service for mango vendors everywhere, since most farms are located on the outskirts of town.

By outsourcing the headache that is fleet management, entrepreneurs can focus on their business’ day-to-day operations and even expand as much as they like while the experts take care of their deliveries.

All in all, pandago’s service offerings are like a box of mangoes in itself, each one more delicious and enticing than the last!

Online mango businesses should take advantage of pandago to scale their businesses this season and deliver their produce where it’s never gone before, with the included certainty that their deliveries will be timely and their mangoes in the best of conditions.

Courtesy: ProPakistani

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