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Junaid Akram’s Taunt on YouTuber Zaid Ali T

Junaid Akram is a Pakistani YouTuber who started making his videos, years ago. Junaid Akram AKA Ganji Swag started making his social commentary videos from Dubai which went viral and he became a small significantly followed social media star. He has now a huge online following also he has shifted back to Pakistan. He often posts videos about his political and social arguments and observations. Junaid Akram is quite a popular personality.

Recently, Junaid Akram appeared in Ahsan Khan’s Show “Time Out With Ahsan Khan” where he opened up about a popular Pakistani YouTuber “Zaid Ali T”.

Talking about him Junaid Akram said, “he’s a good man but I have one complaint from him that he mentions his wife’s age in every interview, he tells that his wife is four years older than him, I mean it’s okay, it’s fine, why does he mention it, my wife is also elder, I think the idea of love is beyond this age restriction, I think he over emphasizes on it and wants to tell people about his nice gesture”

Here is the link where he taunted YouTuber Zaid Ali T regarding his ageist statements.

Courtesy: reviewit

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