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KASHMIR returns with ‘Ayi Bahar’

Ayi Bahar
, a lively and amusing track, marks the return of the popular pop-rock band KASHMIR. With a funky music video and energetic lyrics, the song is as unique as the band itself. Directed by Ali Raza Soomro, the song represents ecstasy and enchantment while also keeping the natural tone of the song consistent. KASHMIR has always been known for producing out-of-the-box content and that is the reason for an immense increase in their followers.

The band rose to fame after their win of Pepsi Battle of the Bands in 2017. While the band is known for delivering exceptional flavors to music, their song ‘Kaaghaz ka Jahaaz’ took record-breaking to new levels as they went on to secure the Lux Style Award for Best Emerging Talent in Music in the same year.

KASHMIR was also featured in an episode of ‘Acoustic Station’ to perform a rendition of their song Soch. The episode was produced by film and music producer Kashan Admani. After their win at the Pepsi Battle of the Bands, KASHMIR produced Dhoop in their debut album Khwaab. The song featured not only a burning sense of longing but also eye-catching visuals in their music video.

Pari holds a special place when we talk about the band’s trajectory as it was their initial production to showing versatility in the music world. With the temperament, the lyrics, and the visuals complementing each other, Pari was their answer to producing soulful music. Directed by Ashar Khalid, and penned down by lead vocalist Bilal Ali, Pari features a touching music video portraying a strong sense of optimism and hope.

The band, however, has had its fair share of struggles. Before the Pepsi Battle of the Bands season 2, KASHMIR was considered an underground band, playing music in the fading backgrounds of main acts. Nonetheless, KASHMIR’s success was only a matter of time. With their album Khwaab, the band captured the spotlight of the music world. The revitalizing musicals are a symbol of their potential and the success they are about to gather in the coming times. While experimenting with the music is a constant, the band has matured over the years and mastered their style which seems to be on the top of their wish list.

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